Do you want to be a JCAS TINY KITTY CAT?!

Our Tiny program is perfect for beginner athletes, ages 3-6! (Birth years 2016-2018)

Wednesday, May 25th: Take part in a 1 HR Introductory class at 5:00, with Coach Suzy! During this time your athlete will get to see what a Kitty Cat is all about! 

Friday, May 27th: Practice days and Times will be sent out! Practices will begin for all committed athletes the first week of JUNE!


To receive access to a 2022-2023 Informational Packet, Please click here. (New Athletes ONLY)


To register your athlete for our Tiny Kitty Cats, Please click here

Important Notice: There is no evaluation or try-out process for our Tiny Kitty Cats. Signing your athlete up is not a formal commitmet to the Just Cheer All Stars program. Once practice days and times are solidifyed and received, a commitment link will be sent out to be completed. Due to the young age of our Tiny Team, athletes are expected to handle 1- 1 1/2 hr sessions, be able to use the restrooms independantly, be able to focus and cooperate without the assistence of a parent. (Parents will not be admitted access to the gym during practice times.)