All Classes are Nontransferable and Nonrefundable. Failure to attend a scheduled session will result in forfeiting any fees paid.

Tiny Fundamentals:

This is the perfect introductory tumbling class for athletes ages 3-5 years old. Your athlete will learn to basics of cheer, while getting a hands-on approach to beginner tumbling, such as: Backbends, Back kickovers, cartwheels, handstands and more!

All Classes listed below are geared for ages 6+ (those under the age of 6 will be asked to take our Tiny Fundamentals)

Novice Tumbling: (level 1 or beginner)

This class is geared towards athletes starting from the basics to intro to backhandsprings! All athletes will start from the beginning with backbends, handstands, cartwheels, kickovers etc. and progress as their skill levels advance! Once athletes have mastered front and backwalkovers, they will be introduced to backhandsprings!

Backhandspring Technique: (Level 2) 

This class is perfect for athletes who want to achieve the PERFECT backhandspring. This class is specifically tailored to all this Backhandsprings! Learn the correct form and position for standings and running backhandspring passes. This class will use a multitude of drills, equipment, and spotting techniques to get your athlete confident and comfortable in their abilities! Athletes must have mastered their Novice elements, Backwalkovers, front walkovers etc. to attend this class*.

Intermediate: (Level 2 working Level 3)

This class is geared towards athletes working on Backhandpsring technique and Tucks! Athletes will focus on Advanced Level 2 and level 3 technique which will include standing, running, back and front backhandsprings and tucks! Athletes must have Mastered backwalkover elements to attend this class.

Tuck Class: (Level 3)

This class is geared towards athletes working all things tucks! Perfect your running tuck, achieve your standing tuck, and stick that punchfront! This class is specifically geared for those who have mastered all Level 2 Tumbling. 

Layouts & Fulls Class: (Level 4 & Level 5) 

During this class athletes will have the opportunity to learn and/or perfect their layouts and fulls. Athletes will safely and effectively learn the proper shape and technique of layouts and once mastered will move onto twisting into completing a full twisting layout. Athletes MUST have mastered a running Backhandspring Tuck to be eligible for this class. Athletes will also learn Standing passes as well!

Open Tumbling: (All Levels)

Can't make it to a specifically tailored class? Open tumbling is the perfect class offered for ALL SKILL LEVELS! Athletes will have the opportunity to use the equipment needed to gain and or improve upon their current skill level! 

Flyer Flexibility: (All Levels) 

Are you currently a flyer, looking to hold a flyer position, or simply become more flexible? Our Flyer Flexibility class is a perfect class to achieve just that, FLEXIBILITY! During this class athletes will partake in a multitude of exercises that will strengthen and expand the muscles, improving on your flexibility range. This class takes place on the floor, flyers will NOT be lifted on a stunt group, but may be used on a stunt stand.