2024-2025 Program Information:

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 MAY 20th    MAY 21st  MAY 22nd     MAY 23rd    

(Please be sure to view our informational packet for all flyer and makeup evaluations!)

Season 26 Evaluation Process:

All potential Season 26 athletes MUST register for an Evaluation time slot. Only one time slot per athlete is necessary to complete the evaluation process. Times slots are offered on a first come first serve basis.

All potential athletes must register for an evaluation time in order to be placed on a Season 26 team. 

Any athlete that is registered for an evaluation time, MUST perform a Level Skill Routine pertaining to their current tumbling abilities. If you do NOT possess ALL of the skills portrayed within the level video, you may NOT try out for that level. Successfully performing the level routine will guarantee an invite for that level practice. When selecting teams, based on the talent pool of guaranteed spots, we will invite additional athletes based on positions that may be available to help fulfill a team. This will be based on: additional skills, prior experience, and performance at level practices. Evaluation videos can be found on our youtube channel, or by visiting the links below. 

Level 1:  https://www.youtube.com/shorts/AJ-vsKeJNow

(Those who do not possess any tumbling, May perform the level 1 routine, substituting all backwalkovers and frontwalkovers with backwards and forward rolls.)

Level 2: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/VDPIWBiyqYc

Level 3: https://youtube.com/shorts/X2kfBR13_UI?si=PYZDLpJZM5OLLjOB

Level 4: https://youtube.com/shorts/4Q91p4t2ViU?si=CDVEsHE3IheOskZi

Level 5: https://youtube.com/shorts/BLD8r2DstKA?si=aciBdRaEVy6iQfxl

Flyer Evaluations: Athletes who wish to fly for the 2024-2025 competition season, must partake in a seperate flyer evaluation. Flyer evaluations will be held on Friday, May 24th. Only one time slot is necessary to complete the evaluation process.

Athletes who wish to be evaluated for a flying positiong must possess the following:

- Right/Left/Center splits completely flat to the floor

- Straight leg bridge with head up 

- Right/Left Leg Heel Stretch 

- Right/Left Leg Scale

- Left leg Scropion/Needle



 To Register for a 2024-2025 Evaluation time slot, please click the link provided: 



Athlete attire & Required Forms:

Attire: All athletes must attend evaluations in all black athletic attire (Shorts & T-shirt recommended). Hair must be neatly pulled back with a bow of choice. Cheerleading shoes must also be worn. Absolutely no jewelry is to be worn. Only water will be permitted into the facility.


Required Forms: All athletes are to print and turn in the required documents when arriving to their scheduled evaluation time slot.

Required documents include:

1. Athlete Assessment packet (3 pages) *Must be filled out for each individual athlete*

- Athlete waiver

- Athlete experience

- Pain reliever consent form  

Please click the link provided to obtain documents: